Frequently Asked Questions

To provide my students with immediate information, I've created this list of answers as a reference. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like further clarification or have other questions.

When & Where are your office hours?

All office hours are currently online. Sign up using the link on Moodle or send me an e-mail.

How do I schedule an appointment DURING office hours?

During office hours, students are always welcome to drop by without an appointment, but those who would like to limit their wait-time are encouraged to sign up on the sheet posted outside my office door.

How do I schedule an appointment OUTSIDE office hours?

Students unable to attend my office hours due to other commitments are welcome to schedule appointments outside of these hours. Please e-mail me a request and include three times you are available within the next week and I will get back to you with my availability.

What's your e-mail address?

I encourage all students to contact me through Moodle messaging as doing so is more reliable than sending e-mail. However, if you'd like to contact me through e-mail my address is: Please include your course code and section in the subject line.

How should I address you?

At Canadian universities, the etiquette is usually to refer to professors as either Dr. <Family_name> or Prof. <Family_name>, unless they indicate otherwise. At the University of Oregon, where I received my training, there was a different etiquette, with students using the first name of their professors. Consequently, I invite you to use my first name in all correspondance.

HELP! I can't access one of the readings!

Sometimes the location of publications change, 'breaking' the URLs I provide in the syllabus. If this is the case, please e-mail me ( and I will distribute a new URL to the class. However, to access most of the articles you must connect to the internet through the university's network.

I missed class, can I take a makeup quiz?

Makeup quizzes are only provided in exceptional circumstances after you have already missed one quiz.

I missed class, can you tell me what I missed?

If you have missed a class, you are strongly encouraged to contact other students to get caught up on the content you missed (and to consult the powerpoint slides available on Moodle). I am always happy to answer specific questions on the content of classes, but as I have many students I am not able to provide individual summaries.

I'm going to miss a class, do I need to tell you?

You do not need to e-mail me about an upcoming absence unless this will prevent you from completing a significant assignment in the course (e.g., an exam, or a paper). During the 14 weeks of the course almost everyone will at some point experience some unforeseen circumstances that make attending class difficult.

Can you increase my grade / give me a bonus assignment?

To ensure all students completing my courses are subject to the same evaluation and requirements, I do not increase individual grades of students, nor give out extra assignments. I understand that during the semester unexpected circumstances that affect your ability to learn may arise. To compensate, my courses include mechanisms that omit your worst quiz and/or journal grade.

What is the grade scale used in the course?

My courses follow the guidelines issued by the Department of Political Science:

When is the final exam?

Final exams are scheduled by the Registrar and I have no control over the date and time. Students will receive an e-mail from the university when this information becomes available. It can also be found under the portal.

Can I submit my journal entry late?

No. Students must submit their journal entries by the the assigned date.

When will my assignment be graded?

We typically release grades for your assignments within 1-2 weeks. These can be found on Moodle.

Can you upload your Powerpoint slides before class?

I do not usually upload Powerpoint slides before the start of class.

Can you provide more text in the Powerpoint slides?

Students are expected to attend class. Slides are intended to be an aid, not a substitute for lectures. Too much text is distracting and takes away from your ability to participate.