Teaching Portfolio

Download my complete teaching portfolio (.pdf) 

Teaching Philosophy (Link) 

As an instructor, my goal is to challenge students to engage alternative perspectives. Rather than telling students what to think, I strive to develop their analytical skills and how they think. My intent is not to change students’ opinions, but to further their understanding of opposing views and important debates, and to develop their ability to empathize.

My approach to teaching is based on three commitments:
1. to provide an inclusive course that offers opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of skill to succeed; 
2.  to create an engaging course by providing variety in learning activities; and 
3.  to improve my pedagogy through workshops, consultations and experimentation. 

Teaching Interests (Link)

My principal areas of expertise are in international relations and public policy, with a focus on international political economy, international environmental politics/policy and global governance. I am also interested in teaching a variety of courses in comparative politics and research methods. 

Resources for Instructors (Link to Sample Activities)

I provide materials and lesson plans for two activities. The first is an in-class activity whose goal is to have students generate and test hypotheses on the relationship between trade and economic development by examining real data from eight countries. The second is a simulation designed to introduce students to concepts related to environmental justice. Faculty may use / adapt them free of charge with proper credit and recognition of my copyright in their use.

Course Syllabi and Evaluations

The following tables provide links to my course syllabi and student evaluations. This link provides an overview of my all student evaluations.

 Term Course NameEnrolled Supporting Documents 
Winter 2018Global Ecopolitical Analysis20Syllabus  
Winter 2018International Political Economy60Syllabus  
Winter 2018 Introduction to International Relations100SyllabusWebsite 
 Fall 2017International Organizations56Syllabus Evaluations  
 Fall 2017Introduction to International Relations87
 Fall 2017Introduction to International Relations92 Evaluations 
Spring 2016 Modern World Governments 44 Syllabus Evaluations Comments
Winter 2016 Introduction to Environmental Politics 43 Syllabus Evaluations Comments
Spring 2015 Introduction to Environmental Politics 16   Evaluations Comments

Discussion Sections Taught as Teaching Assistant 

Term  Course Name Enrolled
Supporting Documents

Winter 2014 Introduction to Environmental Politics 32 Evaluations Comments
Fall 2013 Introduction to International Relations 42 Evaluations #1
Evaluations #2 Comments
Spring 2013 Introduction to International Relations 51 Evaluations #1  Evaluations #2
Winter 2013  Introduction to Comparative Politics  50 Evaluations  Comments
Fall 2012  Introduction to Environmental Politics  25 Evaluations #1  Evaluations #2  
Spring 2012  Introduction to International Relations  59 Evaluations #1  Evaluations #2 Comments 
Fall 2011  Introduction to Comparative Politics  27 Evaluations